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Note: This product is a pre-sale during August 2021, it will be delivered in March 2022

Ever wondered how to build a small intelligent device that reacts to sounds like a keyword being spoken, recognizes gestures like waving a magic wand, or even recognize faces? With this kit combined with the power of Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) you can do all of that and much more! We want to show you how these possibilities can be part of your own tiny smart device!

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Note: This product is a pre-sale during August-October 2021, it will be delivered in March 2022

The Tiny Machine Learning Kit, combined with the exciting TinyML Applications and Deploying TinyML on Microcontrollers courses that are part of the Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) specialization from EdX will equip you with all the tools you need to bring your ML visions to life!

The kit consists of a powerful board equipped with a microcontroller and a wide variety of sensors (Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense). The board can sense movement, acceleration, rotation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, sounds, gestures, proximity, color, and light intensity. The kit also includes a camera module (OV7675) and custom Arduino shield to make it easy to attach your components and create your very own unique TinyML project. You will be able to explore practical ML use cases using classical algorithms as well as deep neural networks powered by TensorFlow Lite Micro. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


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BoardsArduino nano 33 BLE sense board, Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Shield
Arduino nano33 BLE Operating Voltage3.3V
Arduino nano33 BLE MicrocontrollernRF52840
Digital I/O Pins14--14 with PWM
PWM Digital I/O Pins14
Analog Input Pins8
Arduino nano 33 BLE Flash Memory1MB
Arduino nano 33 BLE SRAM Memory256KB
Arduino nano 33 BLE EEPROMnone
Arduino nano 33 BLE Clock Speed64MHz
Arduino nano 33 BLE IMULSM9DS1
Arduino nano 33 BLE MicrophoneMP34DT05
Arduino nano 33 BLE USBNative in the nRF52840 Processor
Arduino nano 33 BLE Gesture, light, proximityAPDS9960
Arduino nano 33 BLE Barometric pressureLPS22HB
Arduino nano 33 BLE Temperature, humidityHTS221
Arduino nano 33 BLE Length45 mm
Arduino nano 33 BLE Width18 mm
Arduino nano 33 BLE Weight5gr
Kit CameraOV7675
Wire kitUSB A to Micro USB Cable