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This course is focused on all of those interested in being introduced to engineering design. Through CAD tools and basic theory, the student will be provided with the basic knowledge to develop engineering projects so that the design barrier is not a problem to create any physical project. The program develops concepts to study engineering or to develop independent semi-professional projects.

What is design engineering?

It is that little part that makes us able to generate the 3D model of our engineering projects from scratch. In this course, you will develop skills in CAD tools in order to achieve this. You will also develop skills such as knowledge and evaluation of materials, use of spatial thinking in 3D, and solution of possible conflicts in the use of CAD software.

Objective: The student will employ the basic skills of CAD tools in order to design and develop engineering projects.

Aimed: High school students with a bachelor’s degree in mechanics or related areas, engineering students, or professionals looking to learn the basic concepts of CAD.

Duration: 10 hours of video classes and 6 hours of video practices.

Tools, material, or software: Free software “FreeCAD”

Competencies that the student will develop with this course:

  • Know the theoretical basis of basic modeling for solid parts and assemblies, as well their analysis for operation.
  • Learning FreeCAD software.
  • Recognize the technical specifications of a 2D drawing for simple parts and assemblies.
  • Basic knowledge of fasteners and assembly considerations such as tolerances and a brief introduction to materials.
  • Design and modeling of 2D and 3D parts to create assemblies with the objective of basic engineering projects.
  • Communication through the generation of 2D and 3D documents to generate school and personal projects in a semi-professional manner.
  • Visualization of three-dimensional objects and their correct interpretation both in virtual 3D and 2D.
  • Drawing of working drawings for manufacturing, views, dimensions, and their realization through CAD software.
  • Autonomous learning.
  • Spatial thinking
  • Communication in engineering projects.

Our course includes exercises, quizzes, practices, and a final project. It is important to accredit the course with a minimum grade in order to receive your course certificate and badge for your digital resume.

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