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⚠️ Course in Spanish only!

Learn the basics of the Internet of Things and the Internet, create your devices and connect them to the Internet. Find out how devices can communicate over the internet to do tasks and the easiest way to monitor them.

You can take this course whenever you like with the recorded sessions.

⚠️ Course in Spanish only!

Learn about the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT)!

Create your own Internet-connected devices. Discover how devices can communicate over the Internet to perform automated tasks that simplify your daily life.

Objective: The attendee will learn to develop Internet of Things applications in both general and industrial applications for process monitoring and/or control.

Aimed at: Engineers, Students, developers or hobbyists in the area of Mechatronics, Electronics, ICTs and related areas with basic electronics and programming basics.


  1. The Internet of Things
    1. Wireless technologies for the IoT
      1. WIFI
      2. BLE
      3. GSM
      4. LPWAN
    2. Industrial IoT applications
    3. Steps to be taken for a successful implementation of an IoT network
      1. Needs assessment
      2. Planning
      3. Security
      4. Implementation
      5. Platforms
  2. Internet basics concepts
    1. How the internet works
    2. IP
    3. Local network
    4. HTTP
    5. DNS
  3. Communication protocols
    1. FTP
    2. Rest API
    3. MQTT
    4.  CoAP
    5. Formats for communication
      1. XML
      2. JSON
  4. ESP32
    1. ESP32 board recognition
    2. Basic instructions for HTTP requests with Arduino
  5. Connecting to the Internet with a Microcontroller
    1. Hello world in the IoT Sending data to the internet
    2. Connecting Sensors and Actuators to the microcontroller
    3. MQTT from a microcontroller
    4. Data reception
    5. Programming by events of a microcontroller
    6. Microcontroller Event Configuration
  6. Cloud data visualization and control interfaces
    1. IoT platforms
    2. Creating my own server in a simple way

Kit: Includes an ESP32 development board, module of 2 relays, BME280 sensor and some electronic components.


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What is included or not included in the purchase?

IncludesDoesn't include
22 Lesson videos
Label with kit contents
ESP32 DEV 32-pin IoT development board DEV Kit 32 pins
2 Relays module
Various cables HH,MM and MH
Potentiometer 10K
6 Resistors 10K
2 Push button
6 Resistor 330 Ohms
3 Red leds
3 Yellow leds
3 Green leds
Sensor BME280