Online Course: LoRa and LoRaWAN Communication Protocol


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⚠️ Course in Spanish only!⚠️

If you are interested in learning about the Lora communication protocol and LoraWAN, this course is ideal for you.

In this course, you will learn this type of communication used for IoT, from the basic concepts to the realization of practices and a final project that will help you better understand this interesting field of communications.

Our kit includes our new Goddess, our BastWAN board with a powerful IoT-ready RAK4260 integrated and Feather format compatible with Arduino and Feather type Wings.

Our instructor Andres Sabas is ready to train you in this new course.

⚠️ Course in Spanish only!⚠️

Are you interested in learning about the LoRa and LoRaWAN communication protocol?

This course is for you!

Learn in the easiest way about this type of communication used for IoT with our instructor Andres Sabas.

From the basics, hands-on practice and a great final project will help you better understand this amazing field of communications.

This course includes our powerful BastWan, our board with a powerful RAK4260 ready to be used in IoT and with Feather format compatible with Arduino and Wings type Feather.

Goal: Learn how to use the LPWAN communication protocol for implementation in the internet of things projects using development boards and learn how to make graphical interfaces in the cloud.

Target audience: Professionals, teachers and students taking the last engineering subjects in the areas of Mechatronics, Electronics, ICT’s and related areas with an interest in learning how to implement the Lora and LoraWAN communication protocol between devices for data transmission and reception applied to IoT.

Duration: 8-10 hours

Tools, Material or Software: Lora-LoraWAN Kit.

Requirements: Knowledge of microcontroller programming, Arduino IDE and basic principles of data transmission.


Block 1: Basic Concepts

1.1. The internet of things

1.2. Wireless technologies for the IoT

1.3. Telecommunications

1.3.1. Definition of telecommunications

1.3.2. Elements of a telecommunication system

1.3.3. Electromagnetic Spectrum

1.3.4. What is radiofrequency?

Block 2: Introduction to LoRa/LoRaWAN

2.1 How does it work? LoRa – LoRaWAN

2.2 US, EU, AS frequencies

2.3 Coverage

2.4 Applications

Block 3: Infrastructure

3.1 Gateway

3.2 Antennas

3.3 Towers

3.4 Installation Security

3.5 Additional services required

Block 4: Hardware. Nodes

4.1 Types and classes of nodes

4.2 The SX12XX, variants and embedded modules

4.3 Connecting nodes to the network

Block 5: LoRaWAN management platforms (gateway and node management)

5.1 TTN

5.2 Beelan platform

5.3 Configuring a node

5.4 UpLink and DownLink

Block 6: Examples

6.1 Introduction to BastWAN and the kit

6.2 LoRa point-to-point data sending

6.3. LoRaWAN data transmission

6. Receiving Data

6.4 Cayenne Format

Block 7: Data visualization and control interfaces in the cloud

7.1 IoT platforms

7.1.1 Cayenne

7.1.2 NodeRED

Our course has exercises, quizzes, practices and a final project. It is important to accredit the course with a minimum grade in order to receive your course certificate and badge for your digital Curriculum.


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20 Lesson videos
Label with kit contents
2 BastWAN boards with RAK4260 module
Various cables HH,MM and MH
10 Resistors 10K
6 Resistors 330 ohms
2 Micro USB cables
2 Antenna 915MHz
2 Push button
Potentiometer 10K
Sensor BME208
Relay module
2 Leds