Escornabot Makech

Escornabot Makech


Escornabot Makech is a good option to introduce yourself to robotics. This robot does not require welding any component, it is plug-and-play.


Escornabot Makech is a good option to introduce yourself to robotics. This robot does not require welding any component, it is plug-and-play.

This is an all-in-one open source/hardware project to enjoy the practical programming, electronics, and robotics experience.

The basic version of Escornabot is programmed from his card, pressing the buttons to generate a sequence of movements that are stored in his memory.

¡Discover an incredible adventure with Escornabot Makech!


Makech is a version of Escornabot, which implements different ways to program it using the Arduino, MakeCode, and Circuit Python platforms. Thanks to this, different programming languages ​​can be taught.

Having all the integrated circuits eliminates the need to wire, minimizing electronics errors, thanks to this makes it a tool dedicated to teaching mobile robot programming that helps to continue developing logic for problem-solving.



In this version, you will find the programming card, the plug and play body of the robot, two stepper motors and two plastic leagues. The only thing you will need to add is 4 AA batteries that are not included.

Makech + WIFi and Bluetooth

This version has what is mentioned in the previous kit plus a Bluetooth and WiFi communication module. This new feature allows the Escornabot Makech to communicate with more devices such as a smartphone or a computer. Now you can generate your own mobile applications or control your robot from any page on the internet. (Does not include AA batteries)

Escornabot has similar characteristics to those of some educational robots like Beebot, among others. Adding new functionalities and a variety of programming environments, Escornabot can be used in basic education from kindergarten, elementary school and, middle school thanks to its ease of programming from its card or programming with blocks and in high school, since it allows to use high-level programming languages. In addition, 

Escornabot is Open Source so you have an open world of possibilities that will allow you to configure in different ways or add new features.

What activities can you do with Makech?

The Escornabot world feeds on the community around the world, in this section, we show you some activities that can be done.

Collection of templates for Escornabot

These activities can be done by the teacher in the classroom or the parent at home, as they are very easy to do.



Software and programming: Circuit Python Mac, Windows, Arduino IDE, Makecode
Microcontroller: Based on Arduino SAMD21 Cotex M0 +.

Outputs: Buzzer, 2 stepper motor ports
Power: 4 AA batteries (not included)
Wireless communication: BLE and WIFI (OPTIONAL)
Inputs: Light sensor, Button, IR receiver, Me ultrasonic sensor, Line follower sensor (OPTIONAL)

Additional Information
Weight 285 g
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 14 cm
Version Escornabot Makech

Escornabot Completo, Escornabot Completo con WIFI & BLE


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