Logic State Tester: X-LOGIC


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X-LOGIC is designed to test logic states in any electronic related project, providing the user the ability of detecting errors due to malfunctioning electric signals.

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In contrast to other more conventional devices “as multimeters”, X-LOGIC has the great advantage and capability of detecting the third logic state (“z”, high impedance), which is defined as the absence of a digital signal, this means that is neither 1 or 0. Such is the case for a broken conductor (cable, jumper, electronic board, etc.)


X-LOGIC comes with its own power cord, a tip for testing logic states and three LEDs to represent each outcome, this are:


  1. High = 1 = Red
  2. Low  = 0 = Green
  3. High Impedance = Z = Yellow

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Operating Voltage3V-5V
Logic StatesHigh, Low, Absence of signal
HighWhen voltage is higher than 3V
LowWhen voltage is lower than 2V
Absence of signalHigh Impedance
High ledRed
Low ledGreen
Absence of signal ledYellow