BomberCat: Prepare your bank terminal.

BomberCat: Prepare your bank terminal.

In recent years, we have been working on devices with a focus on security and audits of banking transactions in physical systems, trying to create tools that help improve payments systems in banking terminals and accesses; developing cards with various technologies such as magnetic stripes and NFC, which are: HunterCat, HunterCat NFC, and Magspoof.

On this occasion, we are proud to announce our new Electronic Cats cards family member, focused on banking auditing, called “BomberCat”.  It is an electronic card created for auditing, testing, and payment systems unit testing.

What does the BomberCat do?

It is a powerful board with a dual-core Raspberry Cortex M0+ RP2040 MCU, supporting programming languages such as Arduino, Microphyton, Circuitpython, and MakeCode.

It also has a PN7150 chip that allows emulating, reading, and writing cards with NFC technology; it is the same chip we use in the HunterCat NFC and we have created a library for Arduino, which allows using the chip in a simple way.

You will be able to emulate magnetic stripe cards as we do with Magspoof v3 since it has a coil (antenna) that we have perfected so that you can audit this type of technology, test, and experiment in controlled test environments.

We have added to this soldier’s equipment an ESP32 module with the Arduino’s WiFiNINA firmware, which allows to easily make WiFi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connections to request web servers with protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and MQTT or to use with BLE devices such as Android.

What can I do with this new board?

In our GitHub repository you can find several examples, some of them are:

  • Magspoof: Magnetic stripe emulation in the famous magspoof style, now you can choose the coil (antenna) power source, either battery or USB.
  • DetectTags: NFC card detection and identification.
  • MagspoofMQTT: An example of how to send magnetic stripe data through MQTT from any worldwide location with WiFi.
  • RelayNFC Host and Client: Our most advanced example of information relay on bank NFC cards, the host reads the card and the client emulates it on a bank terminal.

Soon, you will find more examples. You are also invited to contribute new examples to our repository

BomberCat will be presented on DEFCON 30 and you can also be part of the pre-sale at a unique price during August in our store, and it will be in your hands in October.

Want to know more about BomberCat? Leave your doubts in the comments.

See you at DEFCON? Yes, Sir!

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  • Angel Agrazal

    January 27, 2023 @ 8:16 pm

    Me interesaría mas información sobre el producto y si funciona para detectar skimer com tegnologia ncf

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