NFC Copy Cat: The new cybersecurity tool for NFC and Magspoof

NFC Copy Cat: The new cybersecurity tool for NFC and Magspoof

Today is my first post in English and I am happy of announce NFC Copy Cat our new cybersecurity tool for NFC and Magspoof, this is a new collaboration with Salvador Mendoza, if you are interested in payment systems this is a tool that you must have.


Mixing is better

NFCopy works by reading or emulating a NFC card; depending on the necessities of the researcher. On the other hand, MagSpoof can wirelessly emulate/spoof any magnetic stripe card. So using NFC Copy Cat, the user will have a device capable of storing magnetic stripe data or NFC payment data to be replayed later — known in the cybersecurity world as a replay attack.

To show the capabilities of NFC Copy Cat, the emulation example will use a Visa MSD protocol. So be aware that this type of transaction will not be accepted in some payment systems.

NFC Copy Cat

Devices like NFC Copy Cat are essential for researchers, students, teachers or anyone interested in payment systems. It will help to understand how the payment system works, the communications or the APDU protocol. 

Some of the code examples that will be available introduce different concepts. For example, how to detect a card reader, how to detect a NFC card, how to use MagSpoof using a button as trigger to spoof, how to use NFC with a button to emulate, how to read a Visa card, how to emulate a Visa MSD card, how to generate challenges to extract card information or how to combine both tools: NFCopy and MagSpoof.

First cybersecurity tool with Circuitpython support


This is the first cibersecurity tool that support Circuitpython, we have include a memory flash SPI for all libraries of Circuitpython. Now you can make scripts for your testing in a very similar way as programming python. CircuitPython has library for the chip NFC PN532, you should simply port our arduino examples to circuitpython and happy hacking!

Enter now to Circuitpython and test the scripts for PN532


  • Microcontroller SAMD21 ARM 32 bit Cortex M0
  • Memory Flash for support Circuit Python
  • Charger Battery Charger 3.7v
  • Compatible con Adafruit PN532 breakout
  • Compatible con NFC Module V3
  • Compatible with Arduino
  • Compatible with Circuitpython
  • Open Hardware
  • USB Device
  • Bootloader UF2

NFC Copy Cat is available now in our store! We expect that you have happy hacking!




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