Privacy Policy


For this privacy policy, the terms indicated below will have the following meanings:

Personal Data: is information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual.

ARCO Rights: are defined as the right of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition of the holders on their personal data. The following terms are defined in the Law of data used in Mexico.

Person in charge: is the natural or legal person who, individually or jointly with other natural or legal persons, processes Personal Data on behalf of and under the person in charge instructions. Following the processes, terms, and conditions indicated by him/her.

Responsible: It is the legal entity Electronic Cats S.A.P.I. S.A. de C.V. Who collects Personal Data for its treatment under the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy.

Third parties: are all those people or entities that are not part of the relationship between the holder of the information and the Responsible, but peripherally.

Holder information: is the natural person to whom the Personal Data belongs.

Identity and Address of the Data Responsible.

The person responsible for the processing of your data is the legal entity Electronic Cats S.A.P.I. S.A. de C.V. (from now on “The Company”). Which is a legal entity incorporated under Mexican law. The Company has authorization issued by the Ministry of Economic to use denomination or company name under the unique document code (DUD) A201612081931254422, granted before the faith of Lic. Arturo De Guadalupe Orenday González, Notary Public / Public Broker number 18, of the State of Aguascalientes, registered in volume MCLXXXI, book number 3 “Trade Registry”, according to ticket number 0353438. Domiciled at Calle Juventino Rosas #130, Barrio de Guadalupe, Aguascalientes, AGS C.P. 20000, with a capital of the same name, which in this act is designated as the fiscal domicile to hear and receive all kinds of notifications and documents.

You can consult this Privacy Policy at any time on the website:


The primary purpose of processing your personal data is to provide you with those services derived from any contract to provide services that you sign with us.

The owner expressly requests any service related to the provision of services, products, and/or training provided by the Company. The Company will consider those solicitations as part of the services, so we will treat the personal data granted to fulfill the generated contractual relationship’s purposes.

Categories of personal data collected that the Company would treat.

For the provision of the Services, products, and/or training to also fulfill the purposes of the treatment indicated in this Privacy Policy, the Company informs you that it will collect the following categories of personal data:

i) Identification and authentication data

ii) Contact details

iii) Asset and/or financial data

iv) Tax data

v) Demographic data

Indirect sources to get personal data.

The Company may obtain information linked to you through the following sources:

i) Communications of personal data by affiliated companies – For this Privacy Policy, an affiliate is considered as a specific company that, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries has collaboration or association with the specified Company-.

ii) When third parties with whom the Company has commercial agreements provide information related to you. 

iii) When the information comes from publicly accessible sources.

Obtaining information through the sources mentioned above helps us improve the Services we provide and fulfill the Privacy Policy’s purposes.

Primary purposes of the treatment.

The Company will process data described in this Privacy Policy to carry out any or all the activities necessary to develop and fulfill the obligations that originate and derive from the Services. Including the following processes:

a. Corroborate the identity of the Holder.

b.Verify the information and documents that the Holder provides as his own.

c. Verify the information and documents to the beneficiaries, references, or any other provided by the Holder. The Company is going to do it according to the Service or product contracted and in observance of the current provisions on knowledge customer and money laundering prevention.

d. Formalize a contractual relationship between the Holder and the Responsible entity, provide the contracted services according to the agreement between the parties, and, where appropriate, require compliance.

e. Invite the Holder to events, conferences, or workshops that aim to publicize various products and services marketed by the Responsible or make them aware of those activities that the Responsible carries out as part of their social responsibility activities.

f. The Company may contact you through phone calls, sending communications through emails, short messages, and other physical and/or electronic means of communication, as well as home visits. The preceding, for any situation related to the Services’ use and management and inform you about any benefit generated from the Service.

g. Carry out billing activities and process payments through the forms and mechanisms enabled by the Company, related to the use of the Services and/or the goods and/or services provided.

h. Carry out activities related to the registration, cancellation, or modification of the Services and the collection of the corresponding consideration.

i. Attend and follow up on investigations and reviews of complaints and/or claims related to the detection, prevention, and combat of behaviors that could contravene the provisions of the applicable regulations and/or the Company’s Services.

j. To comply with the obligation of cooperation with security and justice authorities in terms of the provisions of the applicable regulations and the requirements of competent authorities in the legally foreseen cases.

Secondary purposes of the treatment.

The Company will process your personal data to carry out some or all the secondary purposes mentioned below:

To inform you of the launch or changes of new products, goods, services, promotions, and/or offers of the Company.

We will understand as consent the express non-opposition to the processing of your data for the above purposes.

The Company informs you that by granting your consent for the processing of your Personal Data, you authorize us to use them to: send advertising information through the following communication channels: email, cell phone (SMS message, MMS), social networks, or any other similar electronic communications, as well as the sending and collection of information through quality surveys.

If you do not want the Company to process your personal data for any of the purposes described in this section, please send an email to

You should note that your consent will remain valid, even when the legal relationship between you and the Company has ended, which means that the Company may continue to process your personal data to fulfill these purposes mentioned above.


The Company may transfer your personal data to both national and foreign entities without requiring your consent in the following cases:

a. Competent authorities and third parties in the cases provided by law, including through collaboration agreements whose purpose is to improve services provision.

b. Credit information companies, surety bonds, collection offices, and insurance companies to guarantee compliance with the agreed obligations derived from the Services.

c. To share information with our partners so that they can contact you, directly or indirectly, to carry out promotional activities, offer products, services provided jointly or independently, or, where appropriate, carry out collection procedures for the fulfillment of the existing contract between the Company and the Holder. The Company would communicate this privacy policy to the person responsible for conducting operations on behalf of the Company or activities to fulfill its purposes.

d. To third parties that you authorize to receive information related to the Services.

If you do not want the Company to make the referral transfer, please send an email to You can change your option at any time.

Use of electronic or remote means.

If the Holder uses platforms, sites, applications or requests the services of the Responsible (Electronic Cats) using electronic devices, related applications, even operated by people other than the company. Provides their Personal Data through said channels (from now on the “Electronic Media”), the Holder understands, accepts and acknowledges that:

  1. The Electronic Media may include links to third-party websites outside the Responsible Party, concerning which the latter does not assume any ownership, obligation, or responsibility.
  2. The services provided by the Responsible through Electronic Media may collect information from the Holder, such as the type of browser, operating system, visits to other Internet sites or make your identification as a User, through “cookies” or “web beacons. ” 

In that case, the external site would inform you at that time about the use of these technologies. For the Holder to disable these programs, she/he must access the “internet options” located in the “Tools” section, or similar functions, of the browser that she/he uses.

In the same way, the Responsible may use “Cookies” to collect information on the preferences of the user of the site and/or applications in the use of content to offer promotions, discounts, programs and in general, send the user of the site and/or its applications advertising based on your interests.

With the use of Electronic Media, you acknowledge and authorize the Responsible to use “Cookies” and “web beacons.”

A “Cookie” is a text file placed by a web server on the Internet user’s hard drive who visits it with information about their preferences and browsing guidelines.

A “web beacon” is an image used exclusively to quantify the number of visits or monitor customer behavior.

The Responsible Party may expand the content of the site and its applications or create new Electronic Media, which will be governed by this Privacy Policy.

Means and procedure to exercise ARCO Rights and/or revocation of consent to process personal data.

You or your legal representative may exercise any of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition (from now on “ARCO Rights”), as well as revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data by sending an email to the Legal Area of Electronic Cats to the address

ARCO rights, it is understood:

a) ACCESS: know the specific information that the Controller has in his possession.

b) RECTIFICATION: you may request your Personal Data rectification if it is not updated, is inaccurate, or incomplete. To do it, you must deliver the documentation that proves the requested rectification following the Personal Data.

c) CANCELLATION: blocking and subsequent elimination of Personal Data from our databases when it considers that it is not being used correctly or for the purposes that gave rise to the legal relationship.

d) OPPOSITION: oppose the use for specific purposes of your Personal Data.

To exercise any ARCO rights, the Holder or his/her legal representative must send a request email to the email address

For Electronic Cats to follow up on your request, you or your legal representative must correctly prove your identity, for which you must attach a copy of your current official identification to the mail.

The company will notify you of the decision adopted within a maximum period of twenty business days from the date we received the request. If it is approved, make it effective within fifteen business days after you received the notification. You will receive the answer electronically to the email address from which the request comes.


If you consider it necessary, we inform you that you have the right to go to the National Institute of Transparency Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI for its acronym in Spanish) to assert any disagreement related to the processing of your personal data.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

The company reserves the right, under its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete parts of this Privacy Notice at any time. In this case, the company will keep its entire Privacy Policy in force on the website

We recommend that you visit this page periodically to inform yourself if there is any change to the present.