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Somos una empresa mexicana dedicada al diseño y fabricación de sistemas embebidos para público en general y el sector privado, que se caracteriza por  trabajar con pasión por el desarrollo de dispositivos electrónicos, siempre buscando contribuir con el bienestar de nuestros consumidores ofreciendo productos de calidad adecuados a sus necesidades.


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  • I have tried contacting you via phone number and email address and neither go through. I placed a order and the form messed up even though I had 1 address for shipping and 1 for billing, it used the same address for both, so I want to get this corrected to so that I can receive this wonderful product , so how do I get in touch with some one ?

  • I’ve been reading your research in the field of cyber security for a long time, it’s very interesting to go through life with you, well done guys I respect !!!

  • Howto track my order

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