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Learn, build and have fun with our robotics course!

Welcome to the online course where you will learn the basic concepts of robotics in a fun and simple way from our instructors, Grulo and Roy Molina.

Learn the basics of the world of robotics, specifically learning the basics of programming with Makecode.


Welcome to our online Basic Robotics course!

This course is aimed at children and adolescents so that they can learn the basic concepts of robotics in a simple and fun way from the hands of our instructors Grulo and Roy Molina.
This course is a collaboration between Electronic Cats and Robotistas MX to bring you an online course with a Kit included.

To learn without even having to leave home.

Aimed at: Girls, boys and young people between 8 and 15 years old with no previous experience in robotics or programming who seek to enter the world of robotics in a friendly way.

Duration: The course consists of 16 sessions with an average duration of 23 minutes, of a total of 6 hours.

This kit includes everything you need to build your robot and program it.

Material or Software:

  • BotMX Robotics Kit (includes materials and tools)
  • 3 AA batteries.
  • Micro-USB cable.
  • Block programming software.

Tools needed:

  • Computer

For some classes extra materials are required such as:

  • Carton box.
  • Markers.
  • Cardboard.
  • Recycling material and some easy-to-get kitchen materials.
  • Cell phone with a camera (for a specific class).

Previous knowledge: The student needs to know how to read and write and know the basic use of the computer.


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Electronic Cats

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Lesson Videos17
Online Sesions3
Kit includes
Pieces of wood
1Robot chassis
1Cover for chassis
2Side walls
2Internal walls
Acrylic parts
1ShieldMX Cap
1NeoPixelMX top cover
1NeoPixelMX Bottom Cap
10Small rounds
Screws and tool
12M3 x 12mm screw
4M3 x 30mm screw
2Screw 3/16” x 3/4”
16Nut M3
2Nut 3/16”
1Allen key M2.5
1Allen key 5/32”
1Cable for Neopixel
2Ball casters
2Moving eyes
Length12.7 cm
Width12.3 cm